If you want to relax and go out of town, the best place to be is Tejano Ranch. Everything that you will want in a night spot is there. The place offers nice food, sweet music, and booze.

You must, however, be 18 years old and above to enter this neat place. So if you are still a minor, it is best to find another place instead. But if you are an adult, this place is heaven.

It was around March or April when I first found this place. I have been there twice I believe, and it is the perfect place to release all of your stress. The music was good, and the food was great.

The Ambience Of Tejano Ranch

Well, my visit was not all about the food. The ambience made me enjoy the place. It made me disappear from reality for a short while, and that feeling was great.

The Service

Also, the service was incomparable. Even though there were many people in the ranch, the waiters were very awesome. They are very attentive, and their service was fast.

Every order I have made was served lightning fast. Well, not that fast of course. But they did not even make me wait.

On the other hand, the booze was great. It was served ice cold, which is the way I want my beer. Though, it could have been nicer if the price of the bottles I ordered was a little lower. I am not that that thrifty, but it will be a plus for me.

Tejano Ranch Is Tightly Secured

If you will survey the place, you will immediately notice that the ranch is strictly secured. In addition, the people visiting there are surprisingly decent. Though there were some scary looking people, but maybe it is just me.

Best Days To Visit

You can visit the ranch every Friday and Saturday. I am not sure if it is open during weekdays and Sundays. However, I’ve heard that the place also opens on weekdays.

In addition, if you will visit their website, you will be able to check their special guests. It has been normal that they provide free shows. And some guests might require you to pay.

Country Music

If you also want to know the music the place is usually playing, the website has a sample. And in case that you are a fan of country music, the ranch will be your best night spot. I really want to visit this place every week, but this quarter was not very kind to my schedule.

Reservation And Information

Tejano RanchMoreover, the website has a page where you can request for more information. Furthermore, that same page can let you schedule a party there. Just make sure that you indicate the date and the number of people you will bring. Also, the site can give you email alerts once you provide them your email address.

Again, I recommend to you guys this ranch. It is the nicest place in Austin when it comes to partying and relaxing. Tejano Ranch is not that far away, so you should reserve a table now.