Have you guys ever visited Tejano Ranch? It’s a famous local bar and nightclub in North Lamar Boulevard in Austin. With cheap cover charges and drinks, most party people around and in central Texas are regulars of the place. Go ahead and ask around, I’m sure you’ll find out that what I’m saying is true!

The club is pretty much closed until Friday and Saturday every week, and then everything just goes right and the partygoers storm the place. Tejano has live bands and performers that change every week, but not just any band or singer—popular and really good Tejano music bands and performers. This Friday, for instance, it has the band Siggno performing live on stage!


The ‘Tejano’ In Tejano Ranch

‘Tejano’ means “Texan” in Spanish, so basically the word can be attached to anything that can be attributed to Tex-Mex culture (I’m a HUGE fan of Tejano cuisine). For the club, ‘Tejano’ will refer to its choice of music.

Tejano music in its purest form is an old, ethnic type of music dating way back in the 1900s. Nowadays, Tejano music artists have updated the genre in a way that other people who might be not familiar or are new to the style have become followers as well. Ever heard of Selena? She’s the talented rising singer whose fame was cut short by a tragic turn of events. She’s also hailed as the Queen of Tejano Music, so you can have a decent idea of what modern Tejano music has transformed into.


Siggno Performs In Tejano Ranch!

The place has had its fair share of Tejano artists, and this Friday it’s going to be Siggno!

Grupo Siggno is made of 6 men—Jesse Turner, Danny Salinas, Joseph Scott, Juan Garza, Jr., David Rosas, and Rogelio Zavala. Aside from band basics like guitars and drums, these guys also have an accordion, a bajo sexto, and congas. They’re a pretty well-known band in the Tex-Mex scene and have a solid fan base. I have to admit that I haven’t heard any of their music, but then again, I’m pretty new to Tejano music, so maybe they can help me transition over!


Totally Tejano Friday Perks

Since the nightclub is open only during Fridays and Saturdays, events are largely planned and executed quite well. My friends who are regulars of this place have been begging me to come with them to try out the nightlife, but I’ve been hesitant because I’ve been really careful with my spending.

From what I’ve seen (and heard), though, Tejano offers pretty affordable deals for such a popular club! This 21st with Siggno, for instance, has only $12 as cover charge if you come earlier than 9 pm. At 9 onwards, it’ll be $15, but that’s still pretty decent when compared to some of the ritzy dance clubs in the US. Also, drinks are cheap, too. $1.50 on drinks before 9 pm! Looks like I’m going to get tipsy pretty early.


See You There On Friday!

Tejano RanchIf you’re looking for a great place to hang out this Friday, come and check out Tejano Ranch in Austin, Texas!